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Nearly 20 years, the staff at Neelachal Hospital have worked to provide the local area with excellent health care services. Based in Heart of Bhubaneswar, Neelachal Hospital has grown to include more than 30 specialties. Neelachal Hospital employs more than 250 people and provides medical care for approximately 1,06,600 inpatients, 10,00,000 outpatients, and 29,000 emergency department visits annually.

Neelachal is a multi-specialty hospital, with state-of-the-art technology, located in the heart of Bhubaneswar serving patients for last 19 Years. Manned by hardcore professionals from reputed institutes like AIIMS, BHU, JJ Hospital, KIMS Hospital, SUM Hospital etc., it offers all types of specialized services and is known for its quality, affordability, and above all – humility, which stems from its high success rate. It is the only hospital among very few in the State having Spiral CT Scan which has made diagnosis easier by detecting diseases, that cannot be detected by conventional Axial CT Scans. The hospital is also well equipped with advanced software for 3D reconstruction, vascular angiograms and virtual endoscopy. Casualty services with ambulance are provided round the clock along with specialized attention.

With dedicated nephrologists and trained technicians, the hospital is well equipped to handle all regular emergencies and provide round-the-clock renal care. The advanced procedures undertaken are haemodialysis with six nos of high-end Dialysis machines, and it is the only centre in the city to conduct CAPD, kidney biopsies and renal angiograms. The department of neurosciences is an advanced neurocare center having 32-channel EEG, EMG with evoked potentials and nerve conduction velocity equipments. The department has also the most advanced stroke care team, which takes care of hyper-acute stroke with thrombolytic therapy. Its hi-technology Neurosurgery division equipped with Carl Zeiss microscope, high-speed pneumatic drill system along with modern microsurgical instruments and provides brain and spinal cord tumor surgery, vascular neurosurgery and skull base surgery. Neelachal takes pride in offering comprehensive non-operative treatment like lithotripsy (non-invasive procedure of breaking kidney stones by shock waves) in all renal stone diseases. Other facilities available are percutaneous nephro-lithotomy (key hole surgery), laparoscopic surgeries and open surgeries, including cancer surgery of genito-urinary system.

It is the only hospital in the state to start a full-fledged unit to cater to all diseases of the stomach, liver, intestine, CBD, gall bladder and pancreas. It offers round-the-clock services in gastro-intestinal emergency cases like varicial bleed and hepatic coma. The department has a committed hepatology unit with all facilities for treating hepatic failure, hepatic encephalopathy and other related liver problems. It conducts video endoscopy, colonoscopy, and therapeutic endoscopy and ERCP, which have been started for the first time in Orissa. Neelachal hospital has owned a critical care unit with 15 beds having special devices in the bed & mattresses, Monitors & Ventilators. The intensivists along with trend resident doctors & technicians are available round the clock to revive the vital status of the patients. The trauma care unit, with the help of experts like neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, plastic and general surgeons’ round-the-clock helps in effectively handling all type of trauma patients. A full-fledged Orthosurgery unit also functions in which trauma surgeries, arthroscopy surgeries, spinal surgeries and performing joint replacement surgeries. The department offers partial or total hip and knee replacement, which is the first of its kind in the state. Our modern laparoscopy and Oncosurgery division, capable of performing rare cancer surgeries and all types of laparoscopic procedures with high success rate.

The operation theaters are having all modern equipments Like C-Arm, Operating Microscope, Endosurgical & Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments. The operation theatres are having the gadgets of the recent time and technical supporting staff to match the procedures. The medicine department of the hospital is one of the best unit of the state manned by senior medicine specialists & equipped with all types of modern equipments & backed by sophisticated medical ICU. The hospital is also having specialized pathology department equipped with full-fledged laboratory having advanced equipments like ABG, Auto analyzer which conducts all kinds of investigations round the clock. Within a short span of time the hospital has established itself as a pioneer in health care sector by providing quality health care services in affordable cost. Neelachal hospital organises regular health camp in the remote rural areas for health checkup, possible routine investigations & free medicine distributions to in-fuse the health consciousness among the mass.

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Neelachal is a multi-specialty hospital, with state-of-the-art technology, located in the heart of Bhubaneswar serving patients for last 19 Years.

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